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Best Window Tint Brand For Cars

Best Window Tint Brand For Cars. It comes as a roll of film that you cut yourself to fit the exact measurements of your windows. The window tint is very convenient and efficient. A point often overlooked in terms of window tinting is the intricate process it requires. Professionally-installed LLumar film is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Huper Optik aims to make window tints that are long-term investments, so they are a bit on the expensive side.

What Is The Best Window Tint Brand For Cars
What Is The Best Window Tint Brand For Cars (Caleb Mendez)

Lexen is a renowned supplier of professional window film, and the company's all windows computer pre-cut tint kit is — as the title says —a suitable option for just about every window on your car (excluding the front windscreen). It will give your car an outstanding look and has non-reflective dyed film for privacy. Ceramic window tint is considered one of the best types of window tint for cars.

3M is arguably one of the best automotive window tint brand on the market today with multiple high-performance options that block the damaging effects of the Florida sun, insulate the interior from heat, and enhance the look of your car with non-fading colors. 3M’s Crystalline Tint is high-quality window film that provides excellent solar protection.

Best Window Tint on a Roll: MotoShield Pro Premium Ceramic MotoShield Pro Premium 2mil Ceramic Window Tint for Auto - 20 Inches x 100 Feet (50%) [99% Infrared Heat Reduction/Blocks 99% UV] Window Film Roll. Best Overall: LEXEN 2-Ply Premium Carbon Roll Window Tint Film Our top pick for car window tint is LEXEN’s carbon film. It comes as a roll of film that you cut yourself to fit the exact measurements of your windows. You can customize how dark you want your car to be with a roll as dark as 5% and as light as 50%.

Lexen offers one of the most popular pre-cut tint kits on Amazon with an affordable price. These kits are vehicle specific, so buyers have to specify the year, make, model, and body type of the vehicle when purchasing. Available tint shades include 50, 35, 15, and 5 percent. Lexen’s pre-cut kits use high quality, 2-ply (1.5 mil thickness) non-reflective film that is scratch resistant and capable of blocking out 99 percent of UV rays.

Protint’s film is the best-rated window tint for cars in this list, and it is easy to see why. For starters, it is available in a range of tint shades that include 5%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 45% and 50% VLT. Formula One film is one of the most advanced and best window tints for car windows. With patented CMC technology and the highest SPF 50+ UV protection, if you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further than Formula One!

The Best Window Tint Brands; 7 Best Window Tint for Car. WPCTEV One Way Mirror Privacy Window Film; Black Magic Metallized Tint Film; Gila XLB242 Xtreme Limo Glare Control Tint; Wimax Uncut Roll Window Tint Film; Protint Windows 5% VLT; ATMOMO Dark Blue Chameleon Windshield Tint; Mkbrother 2PLY Heat and UV Blocking Window Tint Film.

Best Window Tint Reviews 1. Gila Xtreme Limo Black 2.5% VLT Automotive Window Tint Gila is the manufacturer of one of our favorite window tints on the market. If you prefer a rolled instead of pre-cut material, our top pick is the UE1T-View Window Tint Roll. Again, it’s the quality in the design, with the nice thick double ply construction that is going to help block UV rays and provide a long life span.

The best-precut window tint on the market is the MotoShield Pro Premium Precut Ceramic Window Tint. This tint is embedded with nano-ceramic particles to block up to 99% of both UV and infrared light. This keeps the sun from fading or cracking your car’s interior as well as staying up to 25 degrees cooler, protecting sensitive electronics, and making it more comfortable for the driver. This tint has the best heat rejection of any tint on our list.

Octane, our darkest legal tint and most popular tint film blocks 99% of UV rays providing excellent solar protection for you & your passengers. The tint percentage is the highest legal colour percentage available and with recent law changes in QLD, NSW, ACT, NT, WA & SA the tint percentage is even higher! Spectra PhotoSync is considered one of the best car window tint brands for its overall solar protection that also provides darker, stylish shading options. This product offers a TSER up to 79%, UV blocking up to 99.5%, and VLT of 30% to 70%.

The first and most popular tint from LEXEN is the pre-cut car window tint. As it is a pre-cut method, all you got to do is send the name, make, and model of the vehicle to the company and you will get the pre-cut tint material for your car windows. The company will make precise cuts that match the size of the window glasses.