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Car Window Tint Percentage Examples

Car Window Tint Percentage Examples. This is the percent of visible light that gets through either the film (film VLT%) or window plus film net VLT%. The lower the VLT%, the darker the tint. Window Tint Percentages Examples So far, we have so many types of window tints, and the percentages can range from 10% to 90%. But keep in mind that it is not allowed to tint your windows 5%, as this is against the law. However, if you want a low tint (5%), then there would be some exceptions.

Car Window Tint Percentage Examples
Car Window Tint Percentage Examples (Charlotte Brady)
In California you are not allowed to use red or amber window tint film on front windshield. This "percentage" is usually referred to as visible light transmission (VLT). On cars, the front, back, and.

Window tint laws by state vary, but all specify a maximum amount for tinting percentage.

Simply roll down your window halfway and then measure the tint with the meter. The darkness of car window tinting is rated by its visible light transmission (vlt)—how much light it lets through the film. For example, 5% tint only allows 5% of light to pass through while 35% tint allows 35% of light to pass through. Window tint percentage examples 50%.

Twenty percent window shade tint is also called "Factory Tint". Windows tinted at the time the car was manufactured usually have a shade of 15% - 26%. Five (5) Percent Tint. Five percent shade is also called "Limo Tint". This shade only allows in 5% of the available light. Auto One locations may offer different shades. The window tinting visual guide is a mock-up only.

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Select your make and model to get started. DIY Tint is Fast and Inexpensive. When deciding which car window tint percentage is best for you, you'll want to consider the laws in your local area.