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Electric Window Tint For Cars UK

Electric Window Tint For Cars UK. Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Adjustable Electric Auto Remote Control Variable Window Tint Adjustable Electric Auto Remote Control Variable Window Tint See what the Entertainment, Music,. Window Tint Shades. Our window tinting kits come in 5 different levels of darkness to suit every requirement. The higher the number the more light is let through. 5% is a very dark tint and 70% is a very light tint. View our gallery.

Electric Window Tint For Cars UK Cost
Electric Window Tint For Cars UK Cost (Brian Sutton)
We provide a high quality window film tinting service for all types of cars based in Sutton, Surrey. What is the cost of electric window tint or smart privacy glass? Dim it, Project on it, stick it, hang it, use it as a white board or high tech window treatment and more!

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If you're already familiar with older versions of window tint, you may have passed on the idea - once. PDLC Film, often referred to as “Smart Window Tint” or “Electronic Window Tint or Film” gives anyone the flexibility of enjoying an unobstructed view of the outside world or workplace and having complete privacy in an instant, truly Privacy On Demand®. PDLC stands for Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal.

Unique Tint System. Revolutionising Mobile Tinting. Global Tint have developed a complete quality control system and custom-made vehicle cover for mobile car window tinting that has been perfected over many years. This has resulted in a mobile window tint finish that surpasses all others.

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Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Our smart switchable film is available at competitive prices and as a result we can often not be beaten on price! Smart Tint is AC connected, and can tint between transparent and opaque— and it can even be used as a projection surface.