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Factory Window Tint Percentage Silverado

Factory Window Tint Percentage Silverado. This regulation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration applies to any window required for driving visibility, including the windshield and windows immediately to the right and left of the driver. You'll notice the difference from the inside like crazy, and you might even from the outside. Most Silverado trucks come standard with 70 percent tint. With this level tint, there is some protection from the sun, but the driver can easily see out of the windshield. The driver is also visible to others on the road. Obviously, a 50% tint will allow 20% less light through the glass and be a bit darker than it left the factory.

Factory Window Tint Percentage Silverado
Factory Window Tint Percentage Silverado (Jennie Stevenson)
There is no way to remove the tint from the glass except to replace the glass with untinted glass. Unlike window film, privacy glass is a pigment within the glass that's installed during the manufacturing process. Measuring Percentage of Factory Window Tint Before you go on adding additional window tints to your car, we do recommend that you should know the amount of tint that comes originally with your car.

The only alternative to getting the same benefits of window film is to install window film over the factory tint.

The last step in this upgrade project was to tint the windows of the truck. The numbers relate to Visible Light Transmittance, or the amount of light allowed through the window. 20% is quite dark and allows roughly 18% of light through, 80% would be much lighter and allow roughly 78% of light through. You should have 70% tint on the fronts right now which will pass the 70% of light through and be fine. To answer original question, 20% fronts will closest match factory the rear windows.

My front side windows are 70% from the factory. They tinted these with 35% which calculating (.7 * .35 * 100 = 25%) The rear side windows in the crew cab on my 2010 are 25% from factory. The tinted these with 20% which brought them to 5% And the rear window is a range 22% +/-5% so can be anywhere from 17% to 27%. If they continued the same as 2013, then your fronts may have 70% already on them it should say on a sticker in the window. (mine gunned at 73% before adding tint over the 73%) Putting 20% seems to match the back pretty much without your eye being able to tell the difference though.

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What is the percentage for the back windows? Due to more light coming thro. The dealer called my back windows as having privacy windows, but couldn't be really specific.