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State Of GA Window Tint Law

State Of GA Window Tint Law. Table of Contents What does VLT Mean according to Georgia State Law Local, state, and federal government websites often end in.gov. Georgia window sticker laws Georgia does not allow any materials or objects attached to windows which obstruct or reduce driver's clear view of the road. Georgia window tint laws do not require tinting film to be certified, nor any labels to be displayed. However it is highly recommended to affix a legible label between tint film and glass on each tinted window.

Georgia Window Tint Law - More You Must To Know
Georgia Window Tint Law - More You Must To Know (Eugenia Flowers)
Vehicle window tinting is almost always regulated under state law, and the applicable statutes can usually be found in a state's vehicle or traffic code. It is advised that you contact your local law enforcement agency to confirm the laws and regulations in the district that the vehicle will be operated in. There are also additional car window tinting rules and regulations in Georgia so make sure you read all about it below.

Knowing your local tinting regulations is important to help avoid tickets and ensu Other Window Tinting Film Rules and Regulations for Car Window Tinting in Georgia.

State of Hawaii does not currently have any regulations allowing medical exemptions for tinted windows. Georgia does have several other important laws, rules and regulations pertaining to window tinting. They include the following: Side Mirrors: No restrictions. Restricted Colors: The tint colors of RED and AMBER are not legal by state law. Tint Variance: State laws allow 3% light transmission tolerance.

Georgia window tint laws summary: Front windshield may only have top 6 inches tinted. Front side windows, back side windows and rear window may have 32% VLT on sedans. On MPV (SUV, trucks, vans) all windows behind driver may have any darkness. Tinted windows in Georgia are also subject to other laws and regulations explained below.

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