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Best Car WINDOW TINT Philippines

Best Car Window Tint Philippines. Just got my 95 Pajero tinted a while ago. P5,000. Front - Solargard Quantum #28 ("Magic Medium Black") Sides and Rear - Solargard Grey Silver Grey Super Black May mas lighter shade pa daw kaysa Quantum 28 for the windshield pero lower heat reduction daw and most people today are after heat reduction kaysa privacy. 3M Philippines Brings in Car Tint That Works Well with RFIDs. 3M Philippines, distributed by TSL Marketing, launches the new 3M Ceramic IR Series tint. It heeds the call for an automotive window tint that provides up to 99 percent UV protection while guaranteeing zero electronic.

Best Car Auto Window Tint Film Philippines
Best Car Auto Window Tint Film Philippines

Best Car Window Tint Film Philippines :

Dyed. Dyed window tints are the most common type available, as well as the most affordable. These tints are thin, multi-layered films of dyed plastic that adhere strongly to your car’s windows. They are made up of different densities of dye, depending on how dark a tint that you require.
Crystalline. They are clear films, and are only designed to block ultraviolet rays and solar heat. Don't underestimate this type of film--it can actually reject more heat than darker films, without modifying your car's appearance.
Hybrid. This is a mixture of both metallic and dyed film—without their disadvantages. It consists of a an adhesive, dyed, and metabolized layers, plus a protective top coat.
Metallic. Sandwiched between the outer protective and inner adhesive layer, the metallic film offers a chemically-treated inner layer that blocks out UV light PLUS a metallic layer on the other side to reflect heat radiation and darken the window.
Ceramic. This is one of the most recent breakthroughs in window tinting. A ceramic film consists of an adhesive layer, merged with a thin ceramic layer and protective top coat.
Carbon. Carbon Films have a matte finish (and a dark color) that makes it attractive to look at. It has a shatter-resistant feature as well.

Dye- this is the most common type of car tint film that is being used by most drivers here in the Philippines. It gives you and your car necessary protection from heat and glare, but it lacks extra properties as compared to other types of film tints. See Clearly and Safely. Reduce glare from blinding sunlight so you can see better and concentrate more on driving. If you need help finding the right product for your car or have other questions, please get in touch with us thru our hotline from 8:00-5:00 PM or by sending us a message.

A Look At Philippines Updated Car Window Tinting Law - LA Window Films Philippines. Installing car tints in the Philippines is not prohibited, but the government imposes certain rules to regulate its use. Since 2018, the Land. Ceramic seems like a good idea for car window tint--if it is good enough to deal with the heat generated when braking a supercar (carbon ceramic brakes), it ought to do well in absorbing the heat from our closest star, which seems to be getting closer by the day.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series. These clear, spectrally selective films reject up to 97% of the sun's heat-producing infrared light and up to 60% of the heat coming through windows, providing comfort and energy savings. Explore 3M™ Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series. Is it to keep your car cool while on the road? If you drive during the daytime more often than night time, a heat-deflective window tint is a MUST. Medium dark shades are the most suitable option. Try 3M™ Black Chrome Tint. It provides maximum heat rejection for extreme comfort while on the go.

Solrex Window Film is a product made in Korea that exports to more than 70 countries around the world. It produces and sells hundreds of films for architectural, and special functional purpose films. We market almost all types of film/tint, from architectural to automotive and special function purpose film. We provide professional House Window Tints Installers across the Philippines, with exceptional quality work. Decorate & secure your home by visiting us now!

Platinum Premium Window Tint. Platinum Premium Window Tint, backed up by manufacturer’s standards, from the world’s largest window film manufacturer – CPFilms, Inc. owned by the United State-based Fortune 500 company – Eastman Chemical Company – offers you a high quality retrofit solution (glass tinting) to your car’s glazing system.

Car Tint / Car Window Film / Vkool & Eurotech tint. PHP 1. 1st car- The owner of this Audi RS6 wanted it dark from outside while being visibly clear from the inside. You may visit us at the shop to see the actual samples and options you could have for your own car. Our store is equipped with professional Car Tint Installers in Cebu. We offer only the best tints in the market from Nano-Tech Automotive Window Films. Our films are made in Japan and reject up to 99.99% of the sun’s heat and Ultraviolet Rays without sacrificing the view, especially at night.