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Car Window Tinting Ireland Cost. Dublin Tint - Window Tinting Prices: 3 DOOR CAR / COUPE - Rear Section Only From €110 All Windows From €140 | 5 DOOR HATCHBACK / SALOON - Rear Section Only From €120 All Windows From €150 | ESTATE / JEEP - Rear Section Only From €150 All Windows From €180. Increase brand exposure and drive action through lettering on your car, truck, van or any other vehicle! Car Window Tinting. Cartint.ie tinted windows look great, provided privacy and keep you cooler and more comfortable. Interior surfaces are less likely to crack or fade… plus, it makes the glass safer.

Cheap Car Auto Window Tinting Ireland Cost
Cheap Car Auto Window Tinting Ireland Cost
Shades.ie have been installing in the auto tint industry in Ireland for over 20 years. Car window tinting has become popular in recent years and is used in many ways such as privacy, UV control, solar and sun protection as well as safety and security, anti bandit and surveillance. At Shades Window Tinting our vision control films along with precision cut films will give you the best possible installation.

Coatek are a superb company. Very efficient , punctual and offer a quality service at a fair price over and over again and again. We tint a huge amount of vehicles every year and find the retro fitted privacy film enhances the look of all the cars & jeeps from our Renault, Dacia, Subaru and Citroen range. Carstyle provides the best car wrapping and window tinting services in Ireland. The Company owned by professional vinyl installer, car enthusiast and perfectionist. The Company owned by professional vinyl installer, car enthusiast and perfectionist.

Now we’ve got the legal bit out of the way, here’s our price guide for car window tinting in 2021. The figures are an average of all the prices given to us by our chosen 11 firms this year. The tinting will be in compliance with UK law so only the rear windscreen and rear side windows will be tinted: Car: Price: Ford Focus. £155.

Tinting of these windows must not be greater than 35%.Unfortunately the National Car Testing Regulations do not allow for any exemptions in this regard. Tint films tend to be quite easily removed and replaceable with a compliant film which would block UVA light and meet the requirement of not less than 65% light transmission.

Dublin Tint is one of the leading professionals in Vehicle Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film installation in Ireland. We promise to provide quality service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We provide the most innovative films on the market with professional installation. We have all the gear you need to properly deck out your ride with the latest technology and stylings available. We specialize in Car Audio/ Video, Navigation, GPS, Window Tinting, Commercial Services, Custom wheels, Fiberglass, Alarms, Remote Car Starter, Keyless Entry, Upholstery, H.I.D. Lights.

Road Safety Authority allows up to 3% variance in window tint levels, however due to light meters not being 100% accurate we do not recommend tinting windows beyond legal limits. Ireland does not allow medical exemptions for darker window tint. Ireland Window Tint Laws Infographic: We created a small infographic with Ireland car window tint laws.

Typical window tint costs will vary depending on the type of tint you choose and your type of vehicle. However, we offer tints starting from $295 but talk to your local store for more information on this offer. We offer the following tint options: Midnight Express. Great value window tint. Carstyle gives the highest quality in Car Wrapping and Window Tinting service available in Ireland. The company was founded in 2009 and the highly Trained Application Team has 16 years experience in this service. Our workshop is based in Greenogue Industrial Estate in Dublin.

Hatchback,SUV and Wagon Rear Windscreen. New Suntek Ceramic Film – $110. 3M FX Premium Film – $100. 3M Colorstable Film – $120. Our DIY pre cut window tint kits start from only £19.99! To get your car tinted at a tint shop, a standard hatchback like a VW Golf, will cost anywhere in the region of £200 - £300 to have the front and rear windows tinted. Increase the price by another £100 for a Ford Mondeo and then again for a BWW X5.