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#Window Tinting Lawrence KS

Best Auto Car Window Tinting Near Me Lawrence KS. When you approach The Tint Guy, expect top-grade services starting from tinting to cleaning from my experienced professionals. You'll love your car yet again after we are carried out caring for your car. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We leave no stone unturned to give your car a fresh look. Whether you would like tinting services or you should install a terrific head unit in your car, we can perform it all.

The Tint Guy offers high-quality window tinting, car audio, detailing as well as other auto services. Add style to your car reducing glare with excellent tinted windows installed by us. Our friendly and professional staff is just about to last in any way times. Exceeding 20 years of experience, trust us to acquire back on the road in no time. We can be a locally owned company that works well with more major dealership services. Find out about our affordable package deals when you give us a call. Plus, we also provide aftermarket cruise controls. Remember to ask about our "Buy three, purchase one free" deal. We offer military discounts.

Lawrence, Kansas is filled history, because city was founded inside 1860's. A lot of the city's classic architecture are located in one of the primary neighborhoods that formed, Old West Lawrence. Nearby on University place are definitely more quaint old houses, several of which are actually rental properties for kids attending the University of Kansas.  A lot of the charm comes from these houses being up to 150 years of age, although with that comes 150 numerous potential damage through the elements. You may not have considered that sunlight is a natural element that may cause damage to the interior of the house, when it streams in from untreated windows. Scottish Window Tinting can assist the right window film to safeguard your floors and furniture through the fading effects of UV exposure.

Are you aware that a phenomenon the “broken cloud effect” occurs when skies are partly cloudy? Broken cloud effect is liable for UV levels that is up to 40% above would exist beneath a completely clear sky. Between your sunny summer days and cloudy humid days, there's much chance of sun damage. Window films protect from UV rays and also have a great many other benefits, like reducing glare from sunlight so that you can better take pleasure in the summer days. You'll also love the savings from reduced HVAC bills, as window film is great for climate control indoors.

Window Tinting Benefits For Lawrence

Temporary rental properties for kids attending, like those attending University of Kansas can undergo additional wear out as students cycle inside and outside each year. You may mitigate damage and injury on account of rowdy college students as a result of security films that is up to 40 times as impenetrable to breakage. These security films also provide defense against security threats whether one can use them in residences, businesses, school buildings, and more. You may be happy to have discover this kind of effective multi-purpose product like window film. In a nutshell, the key benefits of window film include:

  *Protection from harmful UV Rays

  *Savings on energy bills

  *More even temperatures indoors

  *Security from damage, both accidental and malicious

  *Improved aesthetics on windows which might be cracked or chipped

Scottish Window Tinting: The Best Window Tinting in Lawrence, KS

There are many reasons to update the windows on your house or commercial property, from energy conservation to security to decoration. If you can not know where to start, we provide free onsite estimates and consultations for a diverse array of window films that is included in a manufacturer's guarantee of satisfaction. Our seasoned team can make customized solutions for jobs both large and small throughout Lawrence. Feel free in contacting Scottish Window Tinting today!

Best Car Window Tinting Lawrence KS
Best Car Window Tinting Lawrence KS

Quality Custom Window Tinting for Your Car

Tinting the windows of your car or truck not merely gives it the "wow" factor, it protects your car's interior from harmful UV rays. Visit The Tint Guy of Lawrence, KS for quality car tinting services by professionals. We offer military discounts to military personnel. Obtain a tint job today!

Take Your Car to the Next Level
Whether you would like your car to make heads or else you want to show off your classic car, you'll find the tinting services gives your car the special look that will make you stick out in a crowd. Count on our experience with over 20 years to unveil that view in your car which you have always wanted. We offer most major dealership services. No matter if it's a different or a vehicle that's been on hand for ages, we service all makes and models. Plus, you can also print customized logos in your vehicle. We offer lifetime warranties on all installations. Same-day estimates is often provided.

The Great And Powerful Home Window Tinting Lawrence, KS

Scottish Window Tinting provides house owners and residents with a range of benefits. UV Protection, Fade Protection and Glare Reduction, Energy Saving, Privacy and Decoration, Security and Radio Frequency (RF) Blocking are among the amazing benefits provide by our top quality window films. Contact us today for a totally free quote and scroll down for more information on the wide range of benefit provided by our home window tinting.

UV blocking window film can result in the brilliant and ever shining Colorado sun a welcome accessory for your home. This film actually improves the sunlight as part of your rooms by removing virtually all (99.9%) of the dangerous UV rays, thus reducing fading as well as other sun damage.

If you have remodeled, redecorated, or in any manner updated your house, your new carpet as well as the finishes on your new cabinets, furniture, and wood floors can be damaged from the sun. Window Film will shield all of these surfaces, prolonging their beauty by screening out up to 99.9% on the UV rays that induce fading.

When rising utility costs make you see ways to avoid wasting energy it's good to be aware of that window film is the most efficient way to lower unwanted heat from entering your house with the windows. Window tinting offers up to 78% heat reduction, control hotspots within the property and save 50% on your own cooling bills.

Certain windows using homes need privacy. Whether it's your bath room window, a specific window that shows directly onto a street, or some other situations, privacy window film offers solutions in your home.

While security window film is often times utilized on commercial or government applications, also, it is a viable alternative for homes that might prefer extra layer of security. Clear film is often a preferable aesthetic to iron bars so your home won't need to look like a prison for being secure.

Radio Frequency (RF) is often possibly damaging and have shown to cause electronic disturbances in commercial and residential environments. Our RF blocking window films guarantee 99.9% radio interference prevention.

Commercial Window Tinting Lawrence, KS

Scottish Window Tinting is designed with a ludicrous number of window film products for every almost commercial space imaginable. From basic window tinting which assists your home look cool and trim expenses on energy, to films that mimic surfaces, or stop your windows from exploding, our diverse collection of window film products help great diversity of entrepreneurs grow their spaces. Our films reduce costs, offer surface protection, decorate and transform. Scroll down for more information on our own products and commercial services.

Whether you're a designer or manager of an ad space,  window tinting and window films almost always is an extremely economical solution to help your home save potentially a huge number of dollars. Our window films defend against heat, glare and ultraviolet light. Furthermore these great benefits come in useful in the short term, they will significantly reduce annual energy expenditures, protect valuables from fading, and help to protect employees and patrons from the potential advent of skin cancer.

As the global energy crisis continuously escalate, making commercial spaces more energy efficient is the key goal of numerous entrepreneurs about the world. Our Low E, Energy Efficient window films are a fantastic answer to helping your spot of business stay energy efficient throughout the year round. By significantly improving the insulation on your own businesses exterior windows, choosing Low E window films is beneficial for their own end inside of 2 years, and help your organization stay green, and save green.

Decorative window films are an incredible and cost-effective substitute for adding frosted glass to the interior or exterior of one's commercial space. Our frosted and textured films help businesses of all shapes and sizes create private areas and produce their plain glass surfaces our health, without natural light. From hotel showers to hospital rooms, frosted decorative window film is an amazing and functional solution for an easy collection of businesses.

For entrepreneurs seeking to add some serious style to their space, or to enhance their visual brand presence, custom window and wall graphics might be the optimal solution. From large logos and brand graphics, to sale announcements and ads to high definition photographs, our top notch custom decorative films make the perfect communication tool for businesses of all kinds. Our custom films can be applied to flat glass surfaces, walls and perhaps mirrors!

Scottish Window Tinting is pleased to provide a innovative answer to the old skool problem of unwanted graffiti defacing your building's windows or glass doors. Anti Graffiti window film  offers entrepreneurs and commercial building owners the chance to enhance the value of their prime location by easily and inexpensively protecting their large display windows from graffiti, tagging, etc. This sort of window film is particularly used by retail businesses in inner city or downtown areas that are inclined to vandalism.

Graffiti Shield provides products can protect glass, mirrored, and metal surfaces from lots of graffiti and scratching/etching damage, including acid etching. These sacrificial films can be removed if ruined, and a new clean film installed, for a part of the price tag on replacing a window or mirror. And better yet, should your property is already graffitied or vandalized, these heavy weight films will cover the damage, making your surfaces look new again.

Security window film  provides the chance to easily and inexpensively protect valuables from your threat of burglars, earthquakes, or freak accidents. Security film that come with the windows of your spot business, particularly ground floor windows, supply you with peace of mind. For entrepreneurs in big cities, neighborhoods with high crime rates, or for those who'll be away using their company establishment for long time frames, security film will offer security whether or not you can be during another panic attack or accident.

The earth might not be flowers and rainbows. Nowadays, terrorist attacks, shootings, bombings and perhaps massive extreme weather events are typically too common an occurrence, particularly highly populated areas and cities that house government and corporate headquarters. While we do not have the answer to world peace inside our inventory, we do offer highly advanced security window film systems, which offer maximum security enhancements for buildings and spaces that is certainly targeted by destructive forces.

With exterior glass window film resurfacing, an old, expired building can achieve a new fresh look for the extremely affordable cost. Whether the building's owner looks selling the building and wishes to increase its value, or seeking to upgrade the looks to integrate better with a far more upscale, modern neighborhood, window films tends to make an incredible impact on both appearance and functionality with the windows. Exterior window films can significantly add to some building owner's ROI when any time concerns sell the building. They're substantially cheaper than replacement windows, which enables it to completely alter the style of a building.

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