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Best Car Window Tinting Training Course Sydney. Considering a career in Automotive Window Tinting? Learn with the best lawn mowers of the Industry. Boyd Hunter, Director of The Tint School, in Australia teaches everyone you should know about Window Tinting in Australia's Harsh Climate. Training throughout USA & Australia, Boyd Hunter offers his top class training programs in Automotive Window Tinting (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced) & Advanced Ceramic Coating via The Tint School's Training Courses in Sydney and online. So positive about our Training Programs, we show you what is available, in our Free Videos.

Our window tint training is quite comprehensive and there are lots of components to Automotive window tinting. With all the beginner planned, we have tailored processes and techniques so you might learn which will normally take several years to hone those skills. Window tinting is an art and craft and so as to teach it correctly we has to start with an overview to develop a superb solid foundation. At my advanced window tint training classes I will be able to coach you to be able to overcome the obstacles that you can encounter that is certainly very different to the day to day basic Japanese built vehicles. My training schedule has become designed and separated into modules. We cater for the beginner that wants to jump start their career with the idea to work inside of a window tint shop or start his or her business. We are also able to train the competent tinters that want to refine their knowledge and tackle the advanced course.

Tint Shop Owner

We also cater for the tint shop owner without the time to train good staff that they have. Productivity and customer service will be sacrificed when you have to focus your time and energy on training new staff. This is why we have broken our training up into modules to ensure that we can concentrate on the specific training you're looking for on your staff. Expending own time on training someone new with your personal film cost besides film, but jobs you may be tinting. Our results speak for themselves, and they are achieved through teaching great habits, how for being productive and minimize waste that is a major component in our industry. I teach by using a repetition-based learning program. The methods that I allow us through the years are definitely the key foundation on the prosperity of the program.

Professional Tools

With these full comprehensive program for novices, we will supply you with all the current Professional tools necessary that I would use myself to provide you operating as speedily and productively as possible. Our state from the art classroom can help fast track you into being a professional and respected tinter, and help you are aware of what sort of environment you have to be capable of producing top quality installs on every car, all of the time. Our program is 95% face to face and extremely interactive. All the programs we offer can have lunch provided.

Window Tinting Course Sydney
Window Tinting Course Sydney

Best Window Tinting Training Course Sydney

TAFE Statement in Basic Tactics pertaining to Automotive Window Tinting Course (800-000790). A three day course in the basic skills and knowledge required to arrange and install window tint on vehicles. Mixture of face to face theory and practical delivery using the modern tools, equipment and materials. Learn an overview of Automotive Tinting from industry professionals. The hands-on course will provide you with all of the working experience to confidently tint automotive windows with insider tips and tricks.. Course cost: $1290

TAFE Statement in Beginner Tactics pertaining to Flat Glass Window Tinting (800-000792). A couple day course built to develop the essential skills and knowledge to arrange and install window tint to residential and commercial windows. Combining face to face theory and practical delivery using the modern tools, equipment and materials. Course cost: $795

TAFE Statement in Advanced Tactics pertaining to Flat Glass Window Tinting (800-000791). A couple day course to improve your skills and knowledge to arrange and install specialty window film to residential and commercial windows. Participants have to have either completed the Beginner Tactics pertaining to Flat Glass Window Tinting or are usually in that is a for your min. of one year.

FAQs Window Tinting Course Sydney

Tint Training Australia wants your small business to become success. We've responded to a few of your most commonly encountered FAQs:

1. When and Where Carry out the Courses Run?
Our Training Center is located in Tamworth NSW - nearly between Sydney and Brisbane. Courses run each and every month, and we also provide 'one on one' training for many who need specific dates to match your schedule. The training workshop is close to the CBD and accommodation providers! This course is run Monday to Friday. This can be a minimum time had to qualify a fresh student for automotive and flat glass tinting!

We offer three options  
1. 4 Day Automotive Only Training Course !! (Tues - Fri)
2. 5 Automotive & Flat Glass Training Course !! (Mon - Fri)
3. 2 Day Auto (Refresher) Training Course ! (Tues & Wed or Thur- Fri)
(Pricing information below)

2. What Will I Get Upon Finishing of My Course ?
Each student will obtain a Certificate of Competency in Window Tinting upon completion of the course. This certificate will just be sure you can window tint with the appropriate skill-sets to get results for an employer or to control your own business.

3. Will the Course Guarantee Me Ongoing Work?
There isn't any guarantees in the business world today. However, because Australia has among the warmest and driest climates on this planet, lure in members a need for sun protection.

Potential Revenue Streams Include: 
Private & Dealer Vehicles.. Flat Glass in Homes, Businesses, Commercial.. Safety & Security Films..  Buses, Train's, Machinery etc...

Sun Protection for Children and Families
Every year in Australia, 1200 people die from skin cancer-related causes, and Australia has the best incidence of melanoma in the world. On average, 30 people are identified as having melanoma each day (that's 210 daily, 913 per month, and 10,950 a year). On account of these alarming statistics, skilled window tinters will be popular, especially as it's easy to provide and install products that are designed to protect us from the sun's damaging rays. Tints also save energy in the house, as well as in the auto or commercial sectors!

Car Sales
Another avenue to offer you work is throughout the many car sales in Australia monthly! On average there are actually 90,000 new cars sold nationwide, let alone second-hand sales. These are all potential tinting jobs, just anticipating you!

Businesses In Need of Solar Tinting
There are many sq.ft of flat glass positioned in buildings, homes and offices every year, mostly being plain glass. Solar tinting can be an in-demand service essential to numerous local business owners today. With many businesses wanting to scale back their carbon footprint, you will be able to offer some excellent products to do exactly that.

Job Outlook for Window Tinters
Established window tinting companies are always searching for skilled workers, with an average of 15 –20 jobs advertised through agencies every week. Your opportunity to find work will work well! SO WHY WAIT? Your training course only takes a few days, and you should have the skills to step into the window tinting industry as a staff member, or you can chose the satisfaction of running your own personal business!

4. What Will My Course Cost Me?
*Course 1 (Tuesday - Friday) Four day comprehensive Automotive Only Course - This may target all components of auto tinting, including door trim removal techniques, film cutting and application, and also heat forming difficult windows!          $3250.00

*Course 2 (Monday - Friday) Learn the majority of the important components of Automotive and Flat glass tinting that will help you immediately like a Professional tinter.     $3500.00

*Course 3 (Tuesday & Wednesday or Thursday & Friday) Our 2 day Refresher Course is good for those who work in that is a, or have had some knowledge about tinting.    $1850.00

Of course , it will have some auxiliary costs connected with accommodation and travel. We will give you a listing of accommodation providers offering the most effective rates in town to all who book our tinting course. In addition, because Tamworth is one of the largest inland centers, we have excellent airline connections with five daily flights being provided by Qantas from Sydney (starting @ $149 each way) and Regional Airline flights out from Brisbane daily, (price's vary) and also are daily return Train Service's from Sydney,  We estimate that $4500 would cover your training week. This can be a small price in comparison to your potential earnings in the novice in business. Average earning rates for skilled tinters are $80 - $120+ per hour.

5. As a Car Dealership— How Can You Benefit?
Do you think you're a motor vehicle dealership that pays a large number of dollars yearly to outside providers to own your vehicles tinted? IF SO… we wish to conserve a collection of money! We i would love you to transmit us a couple of the staff members, and we will point them back ready and able to do all of your window tinting in-house. We will also demonstrate how to setup a window tinting bay with your premises, so that your vehicles don't need to anywhere, and when getting your tinting done without anticipating external providers. Your staff will also come back have real profit apply solar and security films on your small business premises, and in addition fit basic vehicle signage for your promotional needs!

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