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Stained Glass Window

You often see these artwork in old buildings in the old country. It is an art form that's slowly disappearing as more people decide for other materials other than the expensive glass that medieval artisans used to work with. It also makes the option easier, realizing that newer materials like fiber glass and plastic are easier to work with.

Despite fewer and fewer people making stained glass windows and artwork, this art form still endures. The production of colored glass has been done as far back as ancient Egyptian times. In recent times it is definitely used to depict many pictures and other styles of beautiful artworks. The artists of today are actually pushing the art further as they now create three-dimensional artwork from stained glass window.

There are several periods that have made this craft as large as it is today. The art could have begun its prominence when it arrived in the Middle East through the glass industry of Syria. It was used as a cheaper alternative to Gem Stones as described in the writings of the alchemist, Jabbir ibn Hayyan. He wrote down 46 different recipes to get different colors of these artificial gem stones.

The height of this art form was attained in the centre ages when it absolutely was the principal delivery of biblical scenes. This was especially effective since many the people was illiterate at the time. The church had lots of collections and as such built more and more intricate gothic design due to their church.

Whilst the plague and the French revolution laid waste to the land, these beautiful windows were neglected. The art form however remained relevant because of its timeless beauty. It even gained prominence again in lots of periods through history in lots of regions and countries in and around the world. The essence of it lies in the beauty of the colors it generates because the light passes through its beautiful colored glasses.

The glass gets its color by mixing silica with various different metals. The stained glass window gets a blue shade by mixing it with blue cobalt. You may get the shade of green by mixing silica with copper oxide. Before, people used gold to generate the red colorization in stained glass window but that turned out to be too expensive. After trying out other alternatives they found that by utilizing copper they get the exact same color but with a happier sheen.

The wonder of stained glass window however does not solely depend on its many colors. The way it is formed can be a major element of its beauty. You will see it in lots of places. Some places where you will see the beautiful formations are in Victorian houses. You may also notice it in religious places like chapels, cathedrals and mosques.

The designs also change from one another. It's possible to get a design that's free form like square abstracts. Other people could see portraits like depictions of biblical verses or important days ever sold just like the fall of the Russian royalty and revolt of the boxers. The real beauty is achieved through the wonderful craftsmanship of these artisans doing all of the hard work.

It is just a window that you don't look through but a window that you look at. Remember that those stained glasses are backed by a large number of years of history. It is easy to observe how beautiful these stained glasses are because with all the current work that's put engrossed you know that it is truly a one of a type piece of art.